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As the senior editor for A Plus Life section, Sarah directs a team of staff writers and freelancers covering topics related to relationships, family, fashion, wellness and lifestyle. Overall, she works to create a section with a unique voice and mission to motivate readers to make positive change in the world. She also writes innovative stories structured with headlines that pop, shareable images, videos, infographics and original interviews. In the spirit of Douglas Adams, she hopes to offer fresh perspectives on life, the universe and everything.

Archives of Sarah’s writing for A Plus can be found on her author page. Below are a few samples.

The Question You Never Want Answered: How Much Does Your Favorite Forever 21 Shirt Really Cost?

Addison – who has spent time with people at all levels of the supply chain, including garment workers in sweatshops all over the world – began by explaining that so many Americans don’t know about the process of production because much of the work is exported to faraway places, such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, and Malaysia, making it easy to stay disconnected.

We Spoke To The World’s First Plus-Size Supermodel About Breaking Into The Industry, And Being ‘Curvy And Confident’

At first, I didn’t care since it was only used within our modeling and manufacturing business. Once the media started using it, I didn’t like what the word “plus” was being fueled by and, in turn, the warped meaning to millions of people.

A Sex Toy Is On Kickstarter For The First Time Ever. Here’s Why It’s A Big Deal.

It takes two to tango, to get jiggy with it, to make whoopie, to do the deed – so why is it that porn, sex toys, media messages, and even dialogue about sex is often catered to the needs of only one gender (men, ahem ahem)?

ONEE Founders Reimagined The Friendship Bracelet As A Device That Reduces Risk Of Sexual Assault

We women have all experienced it – that moment someone gets too close for comfort at a party, or that fear of walking alone, keys defensively held between each knuckle. Hopefully, we have a friend to step in during those times, and make sure we get home OK.

Here’s Why Doutzen Kroes And Other Models Tied A Knot In Their Shirt This Fashion Week

According to The Elephant Crisis Fund, at least 33,000 African elephants are killed each year for their tusks, a practice that continues because of a demand for ivory as a symbol of wealth and prestige in Asia. But the impact of poaching reaches far beyond elephant populations – it is a global crisis.

These Sustainable Clothes Will Make Working Women Feel Like Stylin’ Superheroes

For many of us, shopping is a guilty pleasure: We often take home more than we need, and sometimes don’t even get around to wearing that Forever 21 dress we bought on a whim. “At least it was only $10,” we tell ourselves to stave off buyer’s remorse.

Cancer Patients Are Knitting. Here’s Why You Should Care.

If you’re into knitting shit – hats, scarves, sweaters, socks, what have you – then you’ve probably gotten lost in a trance-like state, methodically knotting yarn and moving needles. These repetitive motions don’t just allow you to produce original garments, they can help you enter a deep meditation.

Jordyn Woods On What It Means To Be A Role Model For Plus-Size Young Girls

Enter Lovesick, a “new brand of young, trendy and affordable fashion for curvy girls sized 10-26.” Lovesick, the sister brand of plus-size retailer Torrid that touts self-love and body positivity, is the first of its kind – and the demand has been overwhelming.

Fashion Rule Breakers: Meet The Man Who Created An Agency For ‘Misfit Models,’ Celebrating All Types Of Beauty

Fashion Rule Breakers is an original A Plus Lifestyle series: Each month, we profile a fashion designer, model, organization, or icon who is a fashion rule breaker – someone who acts outside mainstream industry standards to make a positive difference.

On The Red Carpet Of ‘AGT,’ Howie Mandel Talked To Us About The Importance Of Family Support

“I don’t know how good the entertainment industry is for adults [let alone kids], as far as for your psyche, but as long as they feel they’re supported at home, and how well they do on a show like this doesn’t affect how much love they feel they’re getting from their parents, then it’s fine.